Feb 14

Let Science Progress As Normal

There has recently been talks of a herpes cure breakthrough in the scientific community. I decided to look into it to see if there was any truth to what the people were saying and as it turns out, there really is. Not only have they almost found the cure for herpes, they are working very quickly in order to start setting up testing phases as soon as they possibly can. A lot of companies try to sort of loligag around, but not these scientists, they want to get the cure out there as soon as possible and start helping people right away. Some people say that we shouldn’t be devoting any time to herpes cures, because it is entirely avoidable. That is not the case, a lot of children are born with herpes due to their parents actions, and it would not be fair to just ignore their needs because the parents were neglectful.

So I say lets go ahead and finish this experiment to see if this is indeed the cure. Why make thousands of people suffer because you think that there actions were immoral. A lot of the times the person with herpes and their sexual partner may not know that they have herpes and it just ends up being one big mess. You can not always assume that the person knew and just went ahead with it anyways. Sure, there are those people out there but you can not just assume that is how every single person out there got herpes, there are even a few cases of accidental herpes. I mean you can’t just jump to these wild accussations, it just is not the right thing to do, and I really wisht hat people would stop doing it. Those wild jumps are usually what causes science to not progress.

Jan 14

Finding a Good Orthodontist in Palo Alto Was Crucial to Getting Our Son’s Teeth Straightened

Sheena Phan, DDS - Oakland, CA | YelpWe found an exceptional orthodontist in palo alto for our son who was told he could not be fitted for braces by another dentist. I had never heard of that, but I guess it can be true. His adult teeth came in, and they were very crooked. I could see him possibly needing some extra work after the straightening, but not being able to get braces at all did not seem right.

The orthodontist in Palo Alto was frank with us about our son’s teeth. He said that they did need straightened, but that he may need a crown put in for a particularly bent tooth. A veneer may be needed to align front teeth if the braces cannot do all of the straightening. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Doctor Game Review

Location. Players must fight for control of the location of their own and their opponents. Each location is worth a number of victory points at the end of the Game Review.

Defenders. Defenders are defending players use location. Actually there are four defenders, all based on the TV series Doctor Who, each with their own defense force: The Doctor, Amy Pond Rory and River Song

Enemy. Players send their enemies to put your opponent tries to gain control. The enemy is familiar races and monsters from the Doctor Who universe as The Daleks, Cybemen, the Sontarans and Davros. Each enemy has a different attack values.

Card support. It is an ally, a special gadget or event that a player will help or hinder his opponents.

Feb 14

Why Vitamins May Be Bad for Your Workout

12well_physed-tmagArticleMany people take vitamin regimen as part of their daily fitness , after hearing that antioxidants help physical recovery and strengthening . But the impact of training in another example of science underestimating entrenched assumptions , some new experiments showed that antioxidant supplementation can actually reduce the benefits of the training .

Antioxidants become a popular food supplement mainly because they are said to sop free radicals , highly reactive oxygen molecules produced during daily activities . Physical force by sharing oxygen results in the formation of a large number of these molecules , which then can lead to cell death and tissue damage . It seems logical that if a reduction in the amount of free radicals generated by the business will be desirable .

Perform an antioxidant , which absorb and deactivate free radicals . While the body creates its own antioxidants , until now , many researchers believe that we produce enough natural antioxidants to the looting of the free radicals produced during exercise counter . So many people who exercise started downing large doses of antioxidants such as vitamins C and E , although some trials in humans have been thoroughly checked . Precise physiological effects of antioxidant supplements on working people

For a study published last week in The Journal of Physiology , researchers at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences , Oslo and other institutions gathered 54 healthy men and women , most of them recreational runners and cyclists , and perform a series of tests , including biopsy muscle , blood draws , and treadmill running to base their stamina and health of their muscle cells to determine .

Then they divided the volunteers into two groups . Those in the group took four pills every day , to give a total dose of 1000 mg vitamin C and 235 mg of vitamin E. The members of the second group received a placebo pill the same .

Finally , they asked all the participants to a powerful 11 – a full week training program , consisting of increasingly intense interval sessions once or twice a week , along with two weekly sessions were paced hour – long runs . End , all the volunteers who are more fit than starting their maximum durability with an average of about 8 percent .

But their bodies are very different reactions to the training . The runner who had swallowed a placebo pill , have a high rise in biochemical markers known in the creation of mitochondria , tiny structures within cells that produce energy swans , the cells in their blood and muscles . Mitochondria more , especially in muscle cells , means more energy and , by and large , better health and fitness . The creation of new mitochondria actually supposed to be one of the most important effects of exercise . general

However , volunteers who consumed antioxidants creates a significantly lower rate of mitochondrial markers . The researchers did not actually calculate certain populations of mitochondria in muscle cells of their volunteers , but may , from time to time , they will be antioxidants smaller increase in mitochondrial density than those not taking them to see .

These findings reflect the results of other studies of antioxidant supplements and exercise , also published last year in The Journal of Physiology , in which half of a group of men older fell 250 milligrams per day of resveratrol supplements , antioxidants famous red wine , and the other half a placebo . After two months of training , those who received the placebo showed a significant and positive changes in blood pressure , their cholesterol profiles and arteries , the arteries of plaque is less clear .

People who are not so fortunate resveratrol . They have so much as the others do , but their blood pressure , cholesterol and arterial stubbornly remained virtually unchanged .

Why and how antioxidant supplements would be the effect of exercise stub is not entirely clear , Goran said Paulsen , a researcher at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences , who led the vitamin C and E studies . But he and many other physiological had begun to suspect that free radicals may play during and after exercise than previously thought different roles .

In this theory , free radicals are not evil , but it serves as a messenger , invite genes and other body systems in initiating various biochemical reactions that end up with stronger muscles and improved metabolic health . Without free radicals , this reaction does not start .

Large doses of supplements and anti – oxidants absorb most of the free radicals generated by exercise .

Of course , this theory is not yet proven and long-term testing on humans is needed , said Dr. Paulsen . It is possible , that is to say a smaller dose might be . Antioxidants or different formulations which are useful for athletes Meanwhile , natural antioxidants from food sources , such as blueberries and red wine , may not be a problem , he said . ” It’s probably just a concentrated extract potentially dangerous , ” he said . It is also noted that volunteers are concentrated extracts of vitamin C and E have increased their endurance at the same rate as those who took a placebo .

On the other hand , the supplement did not improve compared with placebo , performance , so why bother with them , ask Dr. Paulsen . ” Personally , I would avoid high doses ” of antioxidants during training , he said . Science on the subject can not be complete , but the appointment of the new study is that by beating supplements , ” you risk losing some of the benefits of exercise . “

Jan 14

Adaptogens in Mist Form Stimulate Nervous System, Increase Stamina, and Improve Immunity


Juice X , offers one of the Tunguska mist line of adaptogenic dietary supplement daily needs in a simple spray . It is highly bioavailable form , completely absorbed nutrients , and fruit juices adaptogen communication in cellular processes and is designed to support a healthy immune system . It offers a wide range of food ingredients , including vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are important for the overall function and well-being of the human body .

Juice X blend of nutrients and herbs targeted for a particular system in the body can stimulate the nervous system , improve immune system function and helps to boost the immune system against the disease .

* Noni Juice has received much attention for use as a super food . It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine as a supplement to increase the health of both Polynesian and Asian medicine . Expected to help heal the tissue , providing antioxidant activity and increases energy levels and acts as a source of vitamins and minerals .

* Acai Berry has shown strong antioxidant activity . It is a berry from the Brazilian rain forest , which is considered as one of the most complete foods which by nature . It is full of fiber , protein , amino acids , essential fatty acids and a number of antioxidants that can help to support energy support healthy cholesterol levels and boost your immune system strong .

* Mangosteen Juice documented use for over 14 centuries to keep both the energy levels and a healthy cardiovascular system . It is high xanthenes who have demonstrated antioxidant activity and quality source of potassium in the body mostly.

* Aloe Vera is known for its ability to heal and soothe the network , along with the promotion of a healthy tone and blood circulation . It also supports adrenal function is important in the management of stress and can be a good source of vitamin B12 , which is essential for the nervous and immune system function .

* Pomegranate , also known as a super food , juice is one of the most concentrated sources of antioxidants , phytonutrients available . This can help to increase levels of nitric oxide , a vasodilator with antioxidant activity . Protection against diseases of aging

* Copoasu , also know and cupuaqu from Amazon is considered the ” medicine cabinet ” in food into . It is high in many essential nutrients such as fatty acids , minerals and vitamins and is used by the South Americans as a health tonic and stimulant and is considered as a sexual stimulant and energy booster .

Juice X , along with providing high -quality antioxidants and nutritional value , containing 11 adaptogenic herbs designed to provide a variety of benefits . Adaptogenic herbs such as Eleuthero , Mountain Ash and Maral provide overall balance and help the body to restore homeostasis systems . Cranberry Goji Berry and Sargent used for the delivery of high levels of antioxidants and the anti – radical . Six other adaptogenic herbs in Juice X , can help to increase energy along with increased physical strength , stamina and endurance .

The Tunguska mist line adaptogenic food products , manufactured by Cyberwize consists of 9 different supplements . Each product has been designed to assist in the treatment of certain nutritional needs , support of specific control processes , while also offering the benefits of health promotion and protection of restoring balance to stress . For each product sold by Cyberwize , is a satisfaction money back guarantee is offered . Cyberwize has a long reputation for more than a decade of experience in health promotion through quality nutritional supplements . Juice has become very popular , but the real benefit comes from fruit extracts , so you can provide the benefits of juice in a convenient form themselves Tunguska Juice X.